Baby Photos

From their soft skin, squishy cheeks, to their perfect little toes, I cannot wait to photograph your little world. Baby photos from newborn, six months, to 1-year-old and beyond fill my heart so completely. Having three kids of my own and photographing thousands of children, I consider myself fast, fun, and able to adapt to whatever we need when working with your child. I'll be the one making silly faces, singing songs, playing games, and shushing a fussy baby while photographing your child for many years to come. 

Sprinkle on the Fun!

Ask for "Sprinkles" at your next session for only $50 per additional person. While capturing your baby is one of the best choices you will ever make including yourself, their grandparents, siblings, fur-babies can make it even better! While these baby sessions include the price for me to photograph your baby it does not include any extra family members. For a small fee you can include your entire family. Adding in family saves you money from booking separate family sessions for those holiday cards and keeps older siblings photos updated for a fraction of the cost.


  • Studio or Outdoor or home
  • Newborn, 6 months, 1 year
  • Direct Download of all images
  • Full edits & enhancements
  • Multiple outfits encouraged
  • Option to include "Sprinkles" and book other siblings over the course of the year

Price: $600

$300 savings


  • Studio or Outdoor
  • Direct Download of All images
  • Rights to reproduce
  • Full edits & enhancements
  • Multiple outfits encouraged
  • Option to include "Sprinkles"

Price: $300


  • Studio or Outdoor
  • Limit to 1 outfit change
  • Rights to reproduce
  • Direct Download of 5 images
  • Full edits & enhancements

Price: $150


How do I pay?

To secure your spot you must pay half down for your session. You will then pay the remainder of the session via check, cash, or Venmo.

How long does it take for photos to get edited and delivered?

Up to 4 weeks during normal season. Up to 6 weeks during prime season September -November. In the meantime I will do my best to post sneak peaks on social media for you to see and enjoy! If you happen to need photos back for a birthday party then please mention this before our session so we can book accordingly.

Where will we take our photos?

We can go indoors or outdoors or to your home! We also can go to my small home studio suitable for children and newborns. However, I almost always prefer outdoors when the weather is warm because nothing can be as beautiful as a sunset, a lake, or a blooming flower field. Just remember to dress baby for the weather when we decide to sneak outdoors for a quick minute and or the whole time.

What should I bring along?

Babies diapers, wipes, formula or favorites breasts. A cute outfit or headband. I love the fill up a bag method and then we can work together to see what looks cute and will go well with what I have too!

Can you photograph my other kids?

Absolutely! I love it when other family members join in the fun! You can add in the proud parents, grandparents and siblings for just $50 per person with the purchase of a $300 session or larger- always confirm the price with me before officially booking your session if you have questions.

What if I need to cancel?

It's okay when your baby is sick but not when you just want to stay at the cabin a little longer! Unfortunately, 3 strikes and you are out. I have some repeat offenders and so this rule is a new one for 2020. I rearrange my families schedule, I prepare for your session, I don't book other families, and so my time is worth something. In the case of an emergency I do understand and you are welcome to book again but please be certain and considerate- I will do the same for you.

When should I book my newborn session?

Within the first 10 days of life. If they are healthy and able to get out then this helps prevent baby acne from being photographed. Within the first weeks babies will go from sleepy and moldable to strong & wide awake making it hard to be swaddled or posed.

How long does a newborn session last?

Some newborns are sleepy and happy while others are fussy and take a whole lot of bouncing to get settled in. The shortest newborn session is usually an hour and a half and the longest is 3 hours. This includes diaper changes, feeding, set changes, and outfit swaps. I try my best for us to be able to visit and for no one to feel rushed. We try our best to do as many cute photo sets as possible but we also follow the babies ques and set limits when baby is done.

How comfortable are you with babies?

Rest assured that I have bounced my own 3 children and have personally photographed over a 1,000 children and babies. I always wash my hands and make sure my studio is sanitized before we begin. Just come prepared to relax, wear comfy clothes, and chill if you are not in the photos that day.

Do you offer a deal for Twins?

Yes I do. If you order a bundled package with ALL images then your twin is only an additional $100 with all photos being taken and edited.

What props do you have?

I will have some props available, blankets, chairs, baskets, and classic items I love. I do however love to use your things because it can make your session one of a kind. I suggest throwing it into a large bag the night before and seeing if it works once we meet. Simple things like daddies favorite sports jersey & sports ball, a few of mom’s scarves for swaddles, your own headbands, cute knit hats, and or a basket you just adore. Always send me an email if you are wondering about having something special included and are not sure if it’s a good fit or not.

What if my baby has a bruise or a scratch?

I will edit everything from your session and make sure baby looks great. The magic of photo-shop is at the touch of my fingertips. I do ask that you clean up your babies face before photos so that I am not retouching nose boogies or leftover from lunch.

When should I book my 6 month session?

Once baby is sitting almost-kind-of and or doing tummy time. I much prefer waiting one or two weeks after 6 months so that we can capture baby and their new milestone. This allows me to capture them in a new and fresh way.

6 Month Session: What should I bring along?

6 months is the age for cute outfits, naked tushies, toes in the mouth, and that lovey they can’t get enough of. If you brought along a prop at the newborn session & you would like to include it again for size comparison, don’t forget to bring that along We can use it again in a new, more engaging way, as they play with it or likely chew on it.

1 Year Session: What should I bring along?

1 year photos can include a cake smash with elaborate decorations, a milk bath with fresh flowers, simple outfits and a ride along toy, anything baby likes and or you want to highlight to speak to your child’s budding personality. If you brought along a prop at the newborn session & you would like to include it again for size comparison, don’t forget to bring that along now! What they once slept in they may now pull and or use correctly.

Is your baby the Cutest?

Take a look through the galleries below. I've been working professionally with the cutest clients for over a decade now, so there's so much I can show you! Look below for some inspiration for your next session- who knows you may even find a cute kid or two!