Boudoir Photos

Whimsical, confident, sexy, beautiful, empowered these are a few words I hope for you to feel as we dream up your perfect Boudoir session. Wether you're celebrating getting married and wanting to surprise your husband to be with a pretty little nightstand book, you're recovering from cancer and want to celebrate your remission, and or you want to do something to celebrate your feminine energy this session is sure to leave you feeling unstoppable! Let's do this thing!

"I think we giggled so much I forgot to even be nervous! My sister held the robe while I darted through the flower field naked and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I felt beautiful and sexy and was laughing too! What more can you ask for?"Ashleigh got all the best photos and my husband is obsessed and secret is so am I- I look so good!" - Briana


Foxy Lady

Studio or Outdoor location

  • Up to 4 Outfit changes
  • Password protected Online Gallery
  • Full edits & enhancements
  • Style & Vision Consult
  • 1 hour session
  • Option to print a night stand book
  • Option for professional makeup & hair
  • Giggles *No extra charge

Price: $500


Ready to book your session?


Will you edit out my stretch marks?

Yes. I can edit out stretch marks within reason however I try my best to shoot you in the most flattering light and enhance your very best features.

Will you post these on social media?

Not without your permission. I am a pretty modest person myself so unless I can post a few that are not super scandalous but let other women know I do take these that's about as far as I would go with posting photos.

How do I choose my outfits?

If these are for your hubby I always suggest throwing in something he loves. Football jersey, his oversized work shirt, some golfballs, or even something goofy like Chik-Fil-A sauce. The more we can laugh, have fun, and look hot doing it the better!

What should I pack with me?

I suggest a robe, a bottle of water, extra touch up makeup, and easy sandals when you are not wearing high heels. The robe is awesome if we sneak somewhere out in public for. a quick nudey, the sandals are for in between if we are going out in the woods and you want something comfy, and extra makeup is a good idea because it's hard work being a model!

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope! But you can and you should because I do a really good job and my prints are amazing quality. From leather bound books with engraved fronts to sweet little print photo boxes I have you covered!